You can probably count on one hand how many Michiganders don't have a favorite Faygo.

The soft drink maker has been delighting Michigan taste buds for more than a century, since its humble beginnings in Detroit in 1907.

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What started as a three-flavor local soda company has grown into an international juggernaut whose products can be found on shelves throughout a good chunk of the United States and parts of Canada.

Photo via Faygo
Photo via Faygo

When Faygo first started, its original flavors were fruit punch, strawberry and grape.

Today, the company boasts more than fifty product varieties, including several diet pop flavors, several flavored sparkling waters, and a line of non-carbonated beverages under the Ohana brand.

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Each of Faygo's varieties has its own unique packaging. Most of its labels work artistic renderings of its flavors into their design - for instance, the strawberries on the label of the iconic Redpop. The labels of the soda maker's diet varieties often feature a white-based reverse version of their regular-calorie counterparts.

Faygo's sparkling water varieties have their own packaging design, and its Ohana line of non-carbonated beverages have a distinct label design as well - close to the Faygo base, but different enough to be its own.

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You won't necessarily find every single Faygo variety on your local store shelves, but you can certainly order all of them online.

Do you think you know Faygo well enough to identify its flavors and varieties by their labels alone? Put yourself to the test!

How Well Do You Know Faygo?

Including its sparkling water and Ohana-branded non-carbonated drinks, Faygo is responsible for more than 50 flavors of deliciousness. How many of these flavors can you identify just by their labels?

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