I am a born and raised Michigander. Vernors runs in these veins.

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But I have to admit something; I've been doing this Michigan-thing wrong my entire driver's license wielding life, and that is making a 'Michigan-left'.

Making a 'Michigan Left'

Mind you, I'm not saying I make a right turn or anything that crazy. In fact, my infraction is so small, nigh, so unnoticeable, that not only do I get away with it every single time, but every other Michigander is guilty of doing this same thing!

Let's take a step back for a second. A 'Michigan Left', for those that don't know, refers to a certain type of turn around that is fairly common throughout the Mitten state. Here's how MDOT explains it;

Intersections that have Michigan Lefts do not allow traditional left-turn movements. Instead, to turn left, a person must drive straight through the intersection or turn right, then make a U-turn at a median crossover.

If you click HERE, MDOT even gives you a diagram on how to make the turn.

How to Make a 'Michigan Left'

Here's the thing that we're all doing wrong though...

When you get into the turn to make your Michigan left, I bet you're pulling off to one side or the other, you're not driving in the middle of the lane. I'm sure we all do it... pull to the right side to make a turn into the outside lanes, pull to the left side to make a turn into the inside lanes.


However, unless that Michigan left has a line down the middle designating that there are two lanes, there should only be one lane. Michigan Police say that even though there is room for two vehicles, there is no "outside lane" or "outside lane", there is only one lane.

Now at least you have this knowledge. Not that it will make much difference in the way that Michiganders drive.

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