Losing a loved one is a hard thing to go through. Laying a loved one to rest will be the hardest day for many during their lifetime. Respecting others and being empathetic is a good thing. What is the right and legal thing to do when you are slowed down in traffic by a funeral procession in Michigan?

I remember the funerals I attended growing up. Processionals are part of the way that we honor those that have passed. I remember the hearse with the orange flag on it and the cars that followed in the procession, they had flags attached to their hoods too. I've been to funerals that ran out of flags for the processional because there were that many people in attendance. The length of processionals can be long. For drivers that are in a hurry, a processional can be frustrating if you have to wait.

I was taught to pull over or stop for a funeral processional. I might be in a hurry but my day is going a lot better than those that are on their way to bury a loved one.

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What's The Right Thing To Do During A Funeral Processional In Michigan?

The right thing to do is pull over or stop. Allow the processional to proceed. Again, I get it, you might be late to work but showing some empathy is a strong character trait. Odds are you wouldn't like it if someone passed or interrupted the processional you are in for a family member who died.

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What's The Legal Standpoing About Funeral Processionals In Michigan?

Can you get into legal trouble if you pass a funeral processional in Michigan?

The State of Michigan says:

A person passing through a funeral procession of motor vehicles, with a vehicle of any kind, is responsible for a civil infraction.
You can get a ticket for passing "through" a funeral procession. It does not clearly state "pass" or "pass by a funeral processional". I wouldn't test it out. It's likely you could get a ticket and it's a dumb thing to do.

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