One of the greatest horror movies of all time, at least considered by many horror fans is the trilogy known as The Evil Dead starring Western Michigan University alumni Bruce Campbell and directed by Spider-Man and Doctor Strange: The Multi-verse of Madness Director, Sam Raimi. The film is somewhat of a cult classic having three films, two new re-imagined films, as well as three video games and a television series which lasted up until the streaming platform carrying it decided not to renew the contract.

We’ve even discussed how there was even a Bollywood version of the film made. The success of the films has lifted Campbell to a successful career and there has been tons of inspiration drawn from the film that has been apparent in many horror movies, which just goes to show how impactful it was. But the original concept started as an extremely low-budget film, titled 'Within the Woods,' that also stars Bruce Campbell, and co-star of the original Evil Dead film, Ellen Sandweiss.

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Amazingly as low quality as it is the entire film can be watched below, and you can see where the inspiration for the evil dead came from. A lot of people are enjoying the reimagined versions that have been released in the last decade which Campbell and Raimi have fingerprints in.

It’s just really cool to see where it all started from. It’s about a half-hour long and although low quality is still really cool to finally see.

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