What would Dave have to say about 'Dynamic Pricing'?

Wendy's ranks among America's most beloved (and most expensive) fast food chains. Their recent announcement about plans to introduce a new dynamic/surge menu pricing system in 2025 was met with a lot of backlash.

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Like, a lot. 

The strategy behind making popular menu items more expensive during busier times of the day and reducing the price during slow hours is enough to make my head spin. Of course, I can't help but wonder what Wendy's founder Dave Thomas would think of the move.

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I certainly do miss seeing his familiar friendly face on those commercials back in the day. You do know that Dave Thomas spent his early years in Southwest Michigan-- right?!

All About Dave

Although Dave Thomas was born in New Jersey, he was adopted at a young age by Rex and Auleva Thomas. Subsequently, that's one of the major reasons Dave chose to be such an advocate for adoption, eventually founded the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption.

Dave spent his early years living with his grandmother near Kalamazoo before moving with his father to Knoxville and later Fort Wayne, IN. However, it was in Kalamazoo where he learned some of the most important lessons about service and respect, according to Thomas' autobiography Dave's Way.

In a 2001 interview Dave gave insight into those early years growing up in Kalamazoo. Residing near the intersection of Kalamazoo Ave. and Douglas, Dave recalls visiting the Kewpee Hamburgers location downtown to order their square burgers and milkshakes which are both staples of Dave's own menu to this very day!

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The First Wendy's

Eventually Dave went on to settle in Columbus, OH where he opened the first Wendy's on November 15, 1969. According to WWMT Dave came back to Kalamazoo in 1974 to open the first Wendy's franchise in Michigan with William Van Domelen. Note: Van Domelen would later go on to start our beloved Hot 'n Now fast food chain.

Although Dave Thomas' time in Kalamazoo was brief it clearly left a major impact on him-- and the entire nation!

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