Warren and Virginia Randall lived in a home that used to be on the property of what is now the Michigan Bell Telephone Company before a tragic murder-suicide ended their lives inside the home.

Residents living in Grand Rapids have experienced some weird activity coming from the Michigan Bell Telephone Company. Many residents have complained of receiving phone calls from the company, but no one would be on the other side.

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What Was Warren Working On?

A TikTok from @haileighvee, who runs the Mitten Mysteries podcast, explains how the death of the Randalls may be attached to the suspicious calls that are coming from the telephone company.

@haileighvee What do you think about the Ghost Story/ legend of the Haunted Michigan Bell Telephone Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Have you heard of it? What are your thoughts!? To hear more about it subscr!be to my p o d c a s t The Mitten Mysteries on all p o d c a s t outlets . Be sure to Tell me what scary story I should tell next 👀 #michigan #themittenmysteries #creepy #spookyseason #scarystory #michiganlegends #1900s #hauntedplaces #hauntedmichigan #michiganhaunts #michiganbelltelephonecompany #haileighvee #grandrapidsmichigan #grandrapids #juddwhitehouse #michiganlegends #michiganghoststories ♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box - takaya

Warren was hit by a train while working as a brakesman on the Indiana and Grand Rapids railroad resulting in his leg being removed. He did get a wooden prosthetic leg to assist with walking and other tasks, but he became insecure.

He accused Virginia of cheating on him with men who had more legs than he did and even chased her down the street with a straight razor. One night they got into a nasty fight, Warren removed his wooden leg and beat Virginia to death with it before taking the straight razor and slitting his own throat.

Once police found the bodies all they could identify was Warren's wooden leg. The house was never occupied after their deaths, eventually torn down and built over the ruins was the Michigan Bell Telephone Company.

Hypothetical Haunting

Since the Michigan Bell Telephone Company has been up and running, many believe that the spirits of both Warren and Virginia Randall haunt the Michigan Bell Telephone Company. Residents within the area say they receive calls from the company, but they hear nothing on the other end. Is this what they call being "ghosted", as they receive calls from the Randall's ghosts?

The comments on TikTok shine a light on the scenario as many make recollections of the company being associated with weird activity or vibes. One user commented, "I live in GR and get those calls all the time" and got this response from another user: "Wait really? You actually get a call from them? Aren’t they shut down and non-operational?"

Another user said, "My mom also worked there years ago and said it was haunted!!" which makes me think there may be some validity in all of this. What if this is where all the spam calls really come from?

Everyone gets these weird spam calls that come from random places, but no one is ever on the other side of the line. Could they all be haunted telephone companies? Or is the Michigan Bell Telephone Company putting in real work?

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