Many families in Michigan rely on school lunches to feed their children daily. School meals are crucial for student health, well-being, and education. And there have been many changes over the years to what children are served in school cafeterias. And the USDA has confirmed that more changes are on the way to school lunches at Michigan schools.

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Major Changes Coming Soon To School Lunch in Michigan

School lunches have changed for the better in Michigan and for a good reason. School lunches from decades ago included processed options like chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, rectangular pizza, chocolate pudding, and Jello-O. Kids certainly enjoyed this era of school lunches, however, it was incredibly unhealthy and obesity rates started to skyrocket. As healthy eating gained cultural momentum, school lunches have reflected that and the USDA changed school lunch food guidelines. And even more healthy changes are coming soon to school cafeterias.

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According to the USDA, starting in the fall of 2024, schools will have to start offering foods that are primarily whole-grain in lunches. Then in the fall of 2025, it would implement limits on high-sugar products like yogurts and cereal, as well as chocolate milk or other flavored milk. It also reduces the weekly sodium limit for breakfast and lunch by 10% Students have already been eating healthier lunches with more nutritional value. The USDA is ensuring that the healthier lunch trends continue with this series of changes to nutrition standards for school meals.

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