We know the importance of a college education after high school, but we also know that it's not always an option for some students due to the cost of tuition. Fortunately, there are several Michigan Universities who offer a tuition-free promise to qualifying students. And now, Michigan State University has also joined that list.

Tuition-Free Education for Qualified Students

According to Bridge Michigan, The Spartan Tuition Advantage will cover the cost of full tuition for Michigan high school graduates who have a family income of $65,000. The eligible student must also qualify for Federal Pell Grants. Qualified students will be eligible each year for their undergrad education. The Spartan Tuition Advantage program replaces the Spartan Advantage Program which covered tuition for fall and spring semesters, fees, housing and books for students.

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Other Colleges With Tuition-Free Promises

Several colleges in Michigan also offer tuition-free promises for qualified students. Albion College offers the Albion College Promise for Michigan families making under $65,000. Wayne State University offers the Wayne State Guarantee which covers tuition and fees for families who make $70,000 or less per year. The University of Michigan offers a tuition-free guarantee through the Go Blue Guarantee program for families who make $75,000 or less and have less than $75,000 in assets. The Michigan Association of State Universities has a full list of tuition-free colleges on their website.

And there are other ways to help offset college expenses for students. The Michigan Achievement Scholarship allows Michigan high school graduates to receive up to $5,500 per year to attend a public four-year university. There is also a list of schools on the Michigan College Access Network that are offering discounts on application fees.

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