A Haslett, Michigan woman attempted to steal over $700 worth of Walmart items right next to several police officers.

In this time of our lord 2023, it's hard to understand why people completely ignore the fact that there are cameras everywhere.  Shoplifting is a far riskier crime than it used to be.  This shoplifter had a real "hold my beer" moment at the Walmart in Genoa Township last Saturday according to CBS News,

Michigan State Police say law enforcement was at the store in Genoa Township on Saturday, Dec. 2, when they were notified of a woman attempting to steal more than $700 worth of items. Seventy-five officers from different agencies were at the supermarket during the event.

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A 62-year-old woman decided it was a great idea to steal over $700 worth of items in a building that contained nearly 100 law enforcement officers shopping with children for a local charity event.  Michigan State Troopers found the suspect in her vehicle parked next to police cars in the Walmart parking lot.

CBS Detroit shared the bright side of the Shop with a Cop event on the East side of Michigan on their YouTube page.  This event took place in Warren, Michigan.

Theft feels like it's on the rise lately, which is confusing with the number of security cameras that are filming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We recently covered a shocking story about an Ohio porch pirate who used a teen girl to help take packages.  She is now behind bars. Get that full story by clicking here.

Wyandotte Police Officer Suspected Of Stealing Food

A Wyandotte Police officer was suspected of stealing another officer’s lunch from the breakroom at the Wyandotte Police Department. It seems that Officer Barwig was eating lunch in the breakroom when he was called to assist with a person in the Wyandotte Police Department jail, quickly leaving the half-eaten lunch on the breakroom table.
A short time later, officer Barwig and another officer returned to the breakroom, finding his lunch had totally disappeared. Barwig says that upon entering the breakroom, Officer K9 "Ice" was, 
 “...leisurely strolling out of the breakroom, licking his chops.”
K9 Officer "Ice" received strong public support against the allegations. Some of the Facebook postings are included in the gallery.

Gallery Credit: Brad Carpenter

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