Michigan is home to the 'automobile capital of the world' also known as the 'Motor City', Detroit, MI. And it's pretty cool to now have bragging rights as first in the nation to create a roadway of the future. The very first electric wireless-charging public roadway for electric vehicles is now open in the Motor City.

What is an electric wireless charging roadway?

Using technology from Electreon, copper inductive charging coils are installed below the road's surface. When a vehicle with a receiver nears the in-road charging segments, the road transfers electricity wirelessly through a magnetic field. This electricity is then transferred as energy to the vehicle's battery. The coils allow vehicles equipped with receivers to charge up their batteries while driving, idling, or parking above the coils. The roadway is safe for pedestrians, drivers, and animals.

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Where is the electric wireless charging roadway?

The pilot is on a quarter-mile stretch on 14th Street between Marantette and Dalzelle Streets in Detroit’s historic Corktown. The quarter-mile segment of 14th Street will be used to test and perfect the technology ahead of making it available to the public within a few years, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

“Alongside Michigan’s automotive expertise, we’ll demonstrate how wireless charging unlocks widespread EV adoption, addressing limited range, grid limitations, and battery size and costs,” said Stefan Tongur, Electreon vice president of business development. “This project paves the way for a zero-emission mobility future, where EVs are the norm, not the exception.”

Demonstrations were held at Michigan Central innovation district where Ford Motor Co. is restoring the old Michigan Central train station to develop self-driving vehicles.

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