This is definitely one of those times where being #1 is not necessarily a good thing. And really being anywhere on a 'Most Dangerous' list is not a good thing. Especially at one of America's most popular venues: football stadiums, where all fans should be having a good time.

A new report from Sportsbook Review ranked the 'Most Dangerous' NFL stadiums in the country based on crime statistics as well as fan surveys. Over 3,000 fans were included in the survey and nearly 40% of them said they had witnessed or had been a victim of crime in or around an NFL stadium.

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Which NFL Stadium is the Most Dangerous in America?

Empower Field at Mile High, home to the Denver Broncos, was named the most dangerous with 70 crimes taking place per 1,000 people that live in the stadium's zip code. The second-most dangerous stadium was chosen as Lumen Field, home to the Seattle Seahawks. And coming in at #3 is none other than the home to Detroit Lions, Ford Field.

Detroit Takes the #1 Spot

When it comes to stadiums with the highest violent crime, unfortunately, Ford Field came in at #1. The Cleveland Browns Stadium came in second place, followed by the homes of the Baltimore Ravens, Chiefs, and New Orleans Saints.

The good news for Detroit Lions' fans is that Ford Field fortunately did not make the list for two categories: fans witnessing a violent crime or being the victim of a crime.

The Most Dangerous NFL Stadiums According to Fans

Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles, took the #1 spot for stadiums where the most crimes have been witnessed by fans. The Dallas Cowboys' stadium came in second, and third place is home to the New England Patriots.

And finally, the stadium where most fans have actually been a victim of a crime is at AT&T Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play.

While it's good to be aware of crime and statistics, that should definitely not deter you from enjoying a game at a stadium. Bad things are bound to happen sometime in a crowd of that many people, it's just sheer probability. At the end of the day, we're all there for a good time and to hopefully witness a season where the Detroit Lions head into playoffs....and the Super Bowl. One can always hope.

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