A recent article from today.com named the 25 Best Christmas Towns in the US for a Winter Getaway.

On the list, you'll find towns like Cape Cod and Nantucket in Massachusetts, New York City, Duluth in Minnesota, and so on. Only one town from Michigan made the list and the selection was, to me, surprising.

It's Ann Arbor. The article went on to say,

The home of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is a quaint town with tons of holiday-themed events, from German food markets to live music to a carol sing-along. Plus, the town has the potential to be a winter wonderland just in time for Christmas.

Now, this is no disrespect to Ann Arbor. But...how did Frankenmuth, the town we Michiganders call the Christmas town, not make the list?

Again, this is NOT met telling you not to visit Ann Arbor for Christmas. I'm just a bit confused.

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Christmas in Frankenmuth

Christmas in Frankenmuth isn't just a one-day celebration. It's an experience. Checking their website, they're offering:

  • An ice rink that runs from November 25th to January 9th
  • A musical 44ft Christmas tree show you can catch throughout each day
  • A Little Driving Light Tour where you can explore every part of Frankenmuth
  • A "Stop and Snap" Challenge where you check in at various picture-perfect spots and earn a free ornament

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's also lodging, plenty of places to enjoy some tasty food, a neighborhood decorating contest...the list goes on and on.

Frankenmuth is also home to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland which is the world's largest Christmas store. So, again I ask, how was Frankenmuth overlooked as the "Best" Christmas town in Michigan?

You can learn more about Frankenmuth's Christmas experience here or watch a quick walkthrough of the area below:

*Fun fact* Did you know that the band Greta Van Fleet is from Frankenmuth? I just learned that myself today. Read more here.

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