Michigan is a hotbed for great pizza. Having lived in the Mitten State for a little over a year, I've gone full Detroit-style and won't be looking back. That said, there are plenty of places I still want to try around the state.

A few weeks ago, I detailed all of the pizza spots reviewed by noted Michigan Wolverines fan Dave Portnoy, the president of Barstool Sports and purveyor of One Bite Pizza Reviews. You can follow the link below to check them out or stick around to the bottom of the article. But Portnoy had great things to say about many pizza stops across the state, though he was brutally honest with others.

Then Yelp released its top 100 pizza spots in the country.

Everyone knows there is a superiority complex when it comes to pizza. New Yorkers swear by their huge folded slices. Chicago believes its deep dish style blows Detroit away. There's nothing wrong with a little local pride in your pizza style. But Detroit, and the state of Michigan as a whole, got the shaft in Yelp's ranking.

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Chicago had seven pizza spots land on the top 100. New York, including New York City and Brooklyn, had 10. Detroit had zero. Michigan, as a state had just one pizza stop make the top 100, Silver Beach Pizza in Saint Joseph, Michigan, which was given the No. 99 spot in the list.

Now, all congratulations to Silver Beach Pizza, and I'll get to them in a second, but Yelp, this is unacceptable. I know there is a lot of pizza in the country and narrowing it down to 100 is no small task. One Michigan pizza joint, though? Do better.

Silver Beach Pizza has a 4.5-star rating on Yelp with 1,209 total reviews as of this writing. Located just off the coast of Lake Michigan, Silver Beach specializes in thin-crust gourmet pizzas with a wealth of adult beverage options to pair with.

One of Silver Beach Pizza's famous attractions, apart from a great Lake Michigan sunset view and solid pies, is the frozen schooner visitors can enjoy their beer from.

Click here to see Yelp's full top 100 list.

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