Remember those lofty high school dreams of reaching superstardom? Make the right college and career choice and you could end up being a face that everyone recognizes, a name everyone respects and have a bank account that'll make all your friends blush.

First things first, you gotta pick a prestigious school, right?

It doesn't get much more prestigious than the University of Michigan. The school was once again ranked as the No. 2 best overall public college by Niche.

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Of course, the celebrity alumni list from the University of Michigan is an extensive one, and for good reason. Getting into the school isn't notoriously easy, so the students who walk the campus in Ann Arbor are primed to make the most of their opportunity.

After all, that's exactly what these celebrity alumni did. They were able to use the big block 'M' to catapult themselves to a life of fortune and fame.

Celebrity alumni are a source of pride for students and fellow graduates. I always perk up when I see a recognizable face or name that walked the same campus as I did at the University of Alabama.

With such an extensive list, we've got to shorten it up just a bit. First of all, they had to have graduated from the school, so many athletes wouldn't be up to join the list. Sorry, no Derek Jeter.  Also, we're going to keep the list fairly modern. The headline said you'd recognize these names and faces, right?

42 Biggest Celebrities From Michigan