The autumn colors are beginning to blaze, and temperatures dip, across “the Mitten”. As the polar vortex begins to crawl towards the borders of the Great Lakes State, many Michiganders have planned their brief escape to warmer weather, by way of the cruise ship.

This angel of the high seas will offer a wisp of safe harbor from the winter storms that may be pounding Michigan this winter. If you are a newbie headed for your first cruise, you may be surprised at some of the restrictions on travel gear that will keep you standing on shore, if not heeded.

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The Intriguing World of Banned Cruise Ship Travel Gear

After scouring the internet for banned items not allowed on most cruise ships, I have constructed a list using well-known travel advisors, such as Frommer’s, and also the various cruise lines themselves.

Some of these items are just normal, everyday gear. Things that you would pack when heading to the cabin up north, or the good ol’ days when visiting the once beloved Holidome in Goshen, Indiana, that drew many Michigan families on a meager budget.

But you must remember. You are now entering the world of a floating hotel that is miles from the shore. Need I mention the Titanic to refresh your memory of potential hazards on the high seas? As a hint, just don’t even think of packing your Keurig coffee maker with your favorite blends. Get ready for what may be a shock. A list of 19 banned items on most cruise ships:

19 Banned Items Michiganders Can't Bring on Cruise Ships

So, you have booked passage on a cruise ship and now planning what to cram into your luggage. You may be surprised at what might be confiscated before you go onboard. Be sure to check out this list of banned items, to save you time and embarrassment.

Gallery Credit: Brad Carpenter/Canva

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