A Michigan bar announced that it will be hosting a stress test while the Bar Rescue reality television show films for an episode focused on the bar.

Backroads Bar & Grill in Holly, Michigan, will be the focus of a future episode of the wildly popular television show. The stress test is set for Wednesday, May 15 at 8 p.m.

While Backroads has a fairly active Facebook page, they didn't announce the night themselves via social media. Altered Designs, a boutique store in Holly, helped spread the word, though.

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A flyer in Altered Designs's Facebook post indicates the show will be filming the stress test, patrons must be 21 years old or older to enter, and those attending not wear clothing with logos or sports jerseys.

For those unfamiliar with the premise of the show, Bar Rescue features Jon Taffer, an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the bar and restaurant business, as he tries to revive failing or struggling bars.

The stress test is the second test in the show after Taffer sends in a recon team without the bar's knowledge. Once Jon reacts to how (poorly) the recon test goes, it's time for the stress test where the bar is filled to near max capacity with orders coming in nonstop until the bar simply can't handle it anymore.

Then, Taffer remodels and relaunches the bar to give it a chance to recover.

The show itself is great publicity for the bars it features, but it doesn't necessarily mean a bar will survive. According to Reality TV Updates, Taffer is successful in keeping a bar open roughly 47% of the time as 110 of the 234 bars he's 'rescued' are still open.

Backroads will be the fifth Michigan bar to be featured on the show. The previous four have all since closed since their episodes aired in season 4 back in 2015 for a variety of reasons.

Still, this is a great opportunity for Holly and surrounding residents to support a local business and help it get back on its feet.

Backroads Is located at 15217 Apollo Drive in Holly and, currently, has karaoke nights on Thursdays and Fridays, poker nights on Wednesdays, and occasional live music acts.

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