The City of Battle Creek, Michigan, has entered into a win/win situation with their lawn maintenance on six stormwater ponds, scattered across the city. Weed eradication will take place, the need for gas and oil will be eliminated, carbon emissions will be reduced, and the workers will fertilize the grounds as they work. This is due to the hiring of sheep, who will replace city groundskeepers. 

The stormwater ponds collect water that runs off paved and other hard surfaces during a storm. They provide a temporary place for stormwater, to help prevent flooding and some water quality treatment. They also allow some of that stormwater to soak back into the ground. 

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So, What’s The Story On These Sheep? 

It was during the September 5th meeting when city commissioners were mulling over how to save money. One solution was to approve an agreement with Power Grazers LLC, to try out the project of having sheep graze around the city stormwater ponds at a cost of $2,550 for a one-time venture. 

Farmer Jeff Buckham started bringing in loads of his sheep to the ponds on Wednesday, September 27th. After sizing up the six stormwater ponds, he predicted it would take about 10 days to graze down the plants. 

Flocks Of Sheep Graze Near City Stormwater Ponds

Herds of sheep graze around the stormwater ponds of Battle Creek, Michigan.
City of Battle Creek

Please Don’t Feed The Sheep 

Seeing flocks of sheep grazing across the “Cereal City” is sure to spur an interest in the neighborhoods. The City of Battle Creek understands this but is asking neighbors to please, be respectful of the sheep and allow them to work undisturbed. And another thing, please do not feed them. The whole idea of this scheme is to have them eat the weeds. 

What If They Escape And Go AWOL? 

Signs are posted at the ponds with farmer Jeff’s phone number, in case of any “issues”. They also inform neighbors of the sheep grazing pilot program. The City of Battle Creek doesn’t expect any problems with the experimental project. The official city press release states, 

Other communities around the state have successfully employed sheep for this type of project.

You Can View The Official Sheep Video 

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