Do you remember the baby duck story I wrote about back in April? Such a sweet duck tale and even better because it was an an elementary school in Saugatuck where a mother duck flew in, hatched her ducklings and when they were old enough she walked them through the halls of the school to the neighboring pond.

Well, schools have to share their pride with the Kentwood Justice Center in Kentwood.

Google Street View
Google Street View

The Kentwood Justice Center posted on their Facebook page that for the second year in a row this mother duck has chosen the Justice Center to raise her young. It is a very protected area however we must escort them out after they are strong enough. Last week 11 ducklings strolled though our courthouse and out into the world.

It's so sweet! Take a look!

Seriously though, this has been happening in many schools and municipal buildings where the ducks find safe and sheltered places for them to lay their eggs.

Every year, a mother duck lays her eggs in a courtyard at Prairie Mountain School in Eugene, Oregon, according to the website the

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loading... had a story from Heartland, Michigan about a mother duck at a school there. The duck named Vanessa has appeared at Village Elementary School in Hartland for the past 13 years, lays here eggs, waits for them to hatch, and, as in every case, then walks her ducklings to the nearby pond.

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Here is a question for the Kentwood Police. Have you named your duck? Chances are good that she will return year after year knowing she's safe!

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