They're large, they seem friendly and unassuming enough, but when they are released from their teathers, they're ready to attack anyone who crosses their paths.


Okay, maybe they aren't going to attack you... No, I'm not talking about a wild animal escaping from one of Michigan's many zoos: I'm talking about the plague of runaway inflatables that terrorized their way around the state this past weekend.

The first video that went viral yesterday showed a giant, patterned elephant running loose down the road on Gratiot in Detroit. As posted by TikTok user @kidrackz, the inflatable rolls its way down a construction-filled zone (likely near 23 Mile based on construction currently happening in the area)

Thankfully the elephant made its way along to wherever she was going, without incident. But, as if that wasn't wild enough, a few swipes later- I found another inflatable that got loose on the same day nearby- this time, in Frankenmuth.

A Greta Van Fleet fan account (@Gresties_GVF) posted a giant inflatable duck flying across the road, seemingly on its way to see the band in their hometown. (Okay, they played in Grand Rapids that day, but maybe he was running late to the gig)

Someone caught it from another angle on Facebook, too:

While there are a million jokes you can make about "what the duck" is going on around here, and how this video is "quacking" me up, instead I'll just allow him to cross the road without question since he's clearly in a hurry (and not a chicken).

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All of this is a likely coincidence since we're going into festival and fair season in Michigan, and maybe a few people forgot how important it is to make sure that your inflatable friends are fully attached to the ground before those heavy winds roll through.

But either way, it does feel oddly weird that two of these took to the streets on the same weekend...

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