Michigan is a fantastic place to live, especially if you love all four seasons. We have amazing weather of all kinds, beaches, and beautiful outdoor spaces. We also have tons to do no matter where you're living, so I get the appeal of wanting to move to the mitten state.


But if you're planning on moving here, or to another part of the state, the best of the us apparently isn't in the west.

The website Niche released their list of best places to live in each state, and in Michigan, a majority of our best cities are located on the east side of the state. They used data based on public schools, crime, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities.

Where is the best place to live in Michigan?



With A+ rated schools, a low crime rate, and lots of things nearby thanks to Lansing and Detroit, Okemos has been given the the honor of being the best city in Michigan to live in. one resident left a review saying "Okemos is a really nice town. We have great looking, neat neighborhoods tucked between the countryside and the greater busy cities around Lansing. Lots of stores and our own mall are conveniently located near the middle. And, Okemos is quite safe, too."

Okemos also has a high average home value ($300k+) and a lower rate of rent than many cities in the area, with an average of $1,100 a month. It's truly one of the easiest and safest places you can live in Michigan.

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Meanwhile, the rest of the list is dominated by cities on the East side of the state. Here are the rest in order...

2. Troy
3. Novi
4. Birmingham
5. Beverly Hills
6. Farmington
7. Huntington Woods
8. Rochester
9. Bloomfield Township
10. Berkley
11. Northville
12. Northville Township
13. Grosse Pointe Farms
14. Ann Arbor
15. East Grand Rapids
16. Eastgate (Grand Rapids)
17. Royal Oak
18. Grosse Pointe Park
19. Franklin
20. Eastown (Grand Rapids)
21. Forest Hills (Kent County)
22. Rochester Hills
23. Grosse Pointe Woods
24. Larkin Township
25. Fulton Heights (Grand Rapids neighborhood)
26. Pittsfield Township
27. Plymouth
28. Grosse Pointe
29. Farmington Hills
30. Grosse Pointe Shores
31. Haslett
32. Orchard Lake
33. Bloomfield Hills
34. St. Joseph
35. West Bloomfield Township
36. Oakland Township
37. Ottawa Hills (Grand Rapids neighborhood)
38. Plymouth Township
39. Canton Township
40. Pleasant Ridge

While a few places in West Michigan did make the list, I feel like we were snubbed just a little bit. After all, what fun is living on the East Side of the state when you have to drive hours to enjoy a pronto pup on the lake in Grand Haven? Or missing Art Prize in the fall here in Grand Rapids?

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