The zombie apocalypse has been a focal point of pop culture for as long as we can remember. Shows like The Walking Dead and movies like Dawn of the Dead and Zombieland have kept the zombie trend alive and helped provide a vivid but (thankfully) fictional interpretation of this potential world-ending scenario.


But what if this were to actually happen? Well, according to this study, if you were in Michigan's largest city you would be screwed.




Lawn Love's Study

While Lawn Love is known for its reliable lawn care services, they're also known for doing a wide range of studies ranging from lawn care-related studies like the "Most Expensive Cities for Watering the Lawn" to "Best Cities for Barnyard-Themed Weddings'—a good range of studies going on here.


Photo by Eric Brehm on Unsplash
Photo by Eric Brehm on Unsplash


Then we have which city would be best at surviving the zombie apocalypse which has nothing to do with lawn care but is a surprisingly in-depth study. The 200 biggest cities were ranked based on 5 categories:

  • Vulnerability
  • Hideouts
  • Supplies
  • Protection
  • Mobility

as well as population density, access to "bunkers", and hunting gear stores. An overall weight was then given to each category, those scores were added up which eventually gave an overall score. You can view the methodology breakdown here.


black pistol and cartridges on a black wooden table
Michal Oska


Detroit's Low Score

Cities like Houston, New York, San Antonio, Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando filled out the top 10 best cities for survival, while Detroit appeared among the 10 worst cities for survival. Detroit ranked 7th worst, or 194th on the list of cities. It got this rank due to having:

  • A high share of the population in bad health
  • A low number of supermarkets
  • High rates of homes lacking full kitchen and plumbing facilities
    • This apparently makes barricading yourself from the dead difficult.
  • Ranking last in places to hideout.


Detroit's best score comes in the mobility category, scoring a 97 out of 200, which isn't great but is above half. You can view the list of all 200 rankings here.





Do you agree with this assessment?


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