My 25th birthday is this week (happy birthday to me) which means I need to renew my license. So I went online to schedule an appointment and was absolutely flabbergasted when I saw that the design was changing, and even more shocked when I learned it was changing starting this week. So if you're like me and have missed this news, here is what you need to know going forward.


Michigan Driver License 2023
Michigan Department of State


What has changed?

So, the above license is the one we have known and loved for years. That unique font, the iconic Mackinaw Bridge stoically at the top, and that webbing look all around the ID. It's very iconic, and now the new Driver's (because the name is now finally embracing the 's) License has taken a new direction to make it completely stand out from its previous iteration.


Michigan Department of State
Michigan Department of State


Here are the changes highlighted by the Secretary of State:

New License explained
Michigan Department of State


  • "Michigan" font changed
  • Names will be displayed on two lines now rather than read left to right, which will accommodate longer names better
  • REAL ID star is now in the shape of the state's outline
  • The Michigan Coat of Arms is now the central image
  • The security image that is visible via blacklight now shows the names of the Great Lakes
  • Cards will no longer display "Under the age of 18", but will still show "Under 21 until..."
  • The revision date will no longer appear on the front of the card
  • The back of the card no longer contains a magnetic stripe


Why did they make this change and what will happen to my current ID?

The card is being updated to add better security and to make it more difficult to replicate (aka minimize fake IDs and invalidate all old ones). It will now feature "multiple layers of security, including laser perforations, touchable indentations, engraved data, and other cutting-edge technology".

Michigan's new Identification Card
Michigan Department of State


If your ID doesn't expire anytime soon, don't worry: your ID is valid until its designated expiration date. Your next new ID will be in the new format. Fees also are not changing as a result of the design change. To learn more about everything that's changing starting in 2024, read the entire press release here.


Michigan Driver's Licenses

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