Without doubt, Michigan is a gorgeous state. With the Great Lakes, breathtaking forests, stunning sand dunes, incredible waterfalls, and more - there's plenty of natural beauty to take in.

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A national publication has sought to find the most beautiful and remote piece of wilderness in each state.

Travel website Love Exploring says,

Worlds away from its thrumming cities, America's wild spaces are some of the most awe-inspiring in the world. Vast swaths of the country are given over to soaring snow-crowned peaks, thick, trail-laced forests, and sprawling lakes and rivers. Some places are easily accessible for hikers of all abilities; others are left to the pros.

The site's choice for Michigan's most beautiful, unspoiled wilderness is Isle Royale National Park.

NPS - Nelson Decker, Paul Brown, Amy Heeter

Established in 1940, it consists Isle Royale, along with more than 400 small adjacent islands and the surrounding waters of Lake Superior.

Isle Royale, which is the largest island in Lake Superior, is over 45 miles long and 9 miles wide. It's about 15 miles from shores of Ontario, Canada, and is 56 miles from the Michigan shore, on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula.

There are no roads on the island, and wheeled vehicles are not permitted. The goal of Isle Royale National Park is to protect the areas wilderness character, cultural and natural resources, scenery, and ecological processes. It provides opportunities for education and interpretation, and scientific study.

NPS - Nelson Decker

Here's Love Exploring's praise for the Isle Royale Wilderness:

A large swathe of Michigan's remote Isle Royale National Park has been designated pure 'wilderness.' The wild island spreads out in Lake Superior and itself is pockmarked with hundreds of little lakes and fish-rich ponds. On your adventures – whether via forest-trimmed hiking trails or paddling routes – you'll share the wild land with timber wolves, foxes, beavers, and giant moose.

NPS/ Kelly Morrissey
NPS, Kelly Morrissey

Vintage Isle Royale

The Wreck of the Kamloops, Isle Royale

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