Michigan was recently featured on the game show "The Floor" and once again the Upper Peninsula was not a part of the map.

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Is The Upper Peninsula the Rodney Dangerfield of Peninsulas?

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield had a catchphrase found in all of his comedy routines where he would say "I never get any respect." Dangerfield would often use the line I get no respect when talking about himself.

It seems that many don't give Michigan's Upper Peninsula much respect when leaving them off of maps or not having the U.P. colored in while talking about Michigan like the U.S. Census Bureau did.

Medicaid Expansion
Medicaid Expansion

Leaving the Upper Peninsula of Michigan off the map or not colored in, happens time and time again like in the Medicaid expansion graphic above. Saturday Night Live left the U.P. off the map during Weekend Update. Even the map on the map on the White House website had to be updated to put the U.P. on the map in the last 10 years. Like Rodney Dangerfield, Michigan's Upper Peninsula doesn't get any respect.

Fox Game Show "The Floor" Leaves U.P. Un-colored While Referring to Michigan

The Fox television network has a game show called "The Floor' that is hosted by actor Rob Lowe. The game is based around the floor grid of 81 squares, each occupied by a contestant with expertise in a different trivia category. Pairs of contestants face each other in head-to-head trivia duels, with the winner taking over all territory controlled by the loser.


In the season finale of "The Floor" once again as you see in the graphic above, the Upper Peninsula was not colored in while referring to Michigan during a question. This is strange that something like this would be missed on a game show that is trivia-based but it goes back to the saying the U.P. doesn't get any respect.

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