One of my favorite pastimes is going vintage and antique shopping. I've always been a huge history nerd, so I enjoy having little pieces of things from "back in the day". This hobby extends to going to estate sales whenever I drive past one. It's that sense of morbid curiosity because yes, you're going into someone's house who recently passed and walking around buying their earthly possessions.


But it is fun to get a peek into how someone chose to decorate their homes while they lived there. However, this sculpture someone recently came across at a sale makes one question if this should have been put 6 feet under too.


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Odd But Cool

Recently, there was an estate sale in Bay City where someone found a rather peculiar piece of decor hanging on the wall. The piece is pretty impressive and is definitely one of a kind, but it is a pretty unnerving piece of art if you have your guard down. However, while on the surface one may find this to be a rather weird work of art, it has a pretty impressive backstory.




This unique sculpture makes it appear like a 3D photo was created by artist Marc Sijan, known for making "hyperrealistic sculptures". According to Facebook users, the artist stood out at art fairs for how memorable all his sculptures looked. "We would wander the art fair specifically looking for his booth because of how fascinating his work was".


This sculpture appears to be titled "Smiling Girl" from 1989 and originally sold for $2400. Despite its potentially daunting appearance, this piece of art seems fondly remembered by users in the comments.


People shared photos of other pieces of art he has made. If you want to see those click here, otherwise this unique sculpture has since been purchased so if you felt compelled to own this life-like sculpture you are out of luck.


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