Pete Townshend is feeling more like a substitute musician in the Who these days.

"It’s a group of musicians that Roger [Daltrey] has chosen," the guitarist told Mojo in May [via]. "I have not chosen any of the musicians I tour with – not even [drummer] Zak [Starkey]. When Roger brings me onstage I am filling the shoes of a guy called Frank Simes, who Roger tours with solo, and who is a guitar player and musical director."

But, he clarified, that doesn't mean he's unwilling to participate.

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"I am happy to do it," he continued. "Someone reading this will say, 'Stop fucking complaining, Townshend, and put a band together of people you do want to use.' But that scares the shit out of me."

Pete Townshend's Thoughts on More Touring

Townshend has previously expressed that touring with the Who isn't something he finds great joy in, suggesting to The New York Times back in March that the "one thing" the band could do next is embark on a farewell tour "where we play every territory in the world and then crawl off to die."

"I don't get much of a buzz from performing with the Who," he said then. "If I'm really honest, I've been touring for the money. My idea of an ordinary lifestyle is pretty elevated."

In the meantime, Townshend is slated to release an expansive 14-disc set titled Live in Concert 1985-2001, which collects nine of his rare solo shows, on July 26.

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