Disney appears to be teasing an announcement relating to the Beatles.

On their social media pages, they've posted a graphic with four white boxes in the same shape as the original Let It Be album with the caption "There will be an answer..." Above the boxes is the phrase "AT LAST..." and in the bottom right corner, the Beatles' apple logo can be seen.

While it's unclear what precisely Disney has planned, the image aligns with rumors that the Beatles Let It Be film has been remastered and will soon be available for viewing. (Paul McCartney himself touched on the idea of a new edit of the film back in 2018.)

Possible Peter Jackson Involvement

If that's the case, it's possible that Peter Jackson, the man responsible for the acclaimed The Beatles: Get Back Disney Plus series released in 2021, also worked on remastering Let It Be, which was originally directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg and released in 1970.

In 2022, Jackson admitted that he had more Fab Four-related work on his plate.

"I'm talking to the Beatles about another project, something very, very different than Get Back," he told Deadline. “We're seeing what the possibilities are, but it's another project with them. It's not really a documentary … and that's all I can really say."

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Not long after that, Jackson noted that he was also speaking with both Disney and Apple about releasing an extended cut of Get Back.

"They say — and they might be quite right — that there's no market anymore for extended cuts," Jackson explained. "But I know that there's five or six hours of fantastic material that we didn't include, and I don't want it to go back into the vaults for 50 years. So, let's just say that it's a conversation that's happening, but it's not necessarily a definitive one at this point."

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