A woman on Reddit says she got into an argument with her "very particular" husband after her brother briefly parked in his personal parking spot, despite being forbidden from doing so.

"My husband is a very particular guy. He has certain things that he deems are a must and will fight tooth and nail for it. Example: Never leave anything in his car. If you go inside with … groceries and leave the receipt by accident, it’s a problem, even if it’s a once-in-a-while thing where you forgot," she began.

Another rule is to not to park in his personal parking spot in the driveway, something her 18-year-old brother recently did.

"My husband and I both pay for everything equally. And my brother moved in due to unfortunate circumstances from not having reliable parents. He’s generally never home due to always being at work and when he is we usually don’t see him ... My husband [has] asked my brother in the past to stop parking in his spot in the driveway and to park on the street five feet from our mailbox," she explained.

However, when her husband returned home one night, he found her brother’s car in his parking spot. The woman’s brother had only pulled into the spot briefly to drop off some food and was about to leave, but her husband “would have any of it.” “He stated that he [my brother] is to never park in his [my husband’s] spot no matter the circumstance,” she recalled.

The woman stood by her husband in front of her brother, but when he left, she “expressed how angry this had made me and how childish I thought he was being.”

“I told him … he was coming here to drop us off some food and was leaving and he didn’t need to be so rude, let alone have such a ridiculous rule to never, ever park in his spot even if it’s just for two minutes. My husband took this as me not being on his side and threw it in my face that he pays to live here and my brother lives here for free so he should be able to enforce this,” she concluded.

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Reactions in the comments section were mixed, with some defending the wife and her brother, and some defending the husband.

"Your Sheldon Cooper husband needs to chill and realize that nothing is black and white, and when someone is courteous enough to go out of their way and bring him some food, then they can pull to the driveway for a minute ... You should be able to voice your concern to your husband in a safe space without being judged," one user wrote.

The brother is an adult who lives there rent free... the husband has requested on multiple occasions that he stop blocking his parking spot and the mailbox, for very valid reasons. He's had to address this MULTIPLE times, and has had continued issues. I'm sure the brother had fantastic reasons and excuses for every other time he didn't follow simple instructions on where he can park while he lived rent free off of the husband. This was the final straw," another commented.

"This post screams that [the wife] and their brother are boundary breakers. Husband has probably adopted a zero tolerance approach because there is a history of his reasonable requests being denied and his boundaries being crossed," someone else weighed in.

"You stood by him in front of your brother. You showed whose side you would take in a conflict. By bringing this up in private, you did precisely the right move both times ... You also have to start examining your husband's overall behavior. He sounds like he has abusive tendencies. It could just be your brother living there that's bringing this out, but it could also just be how your husband is. If that's the case, he needs counseling and your marriage might as well. I wouldn't even take divorce off the table if this is his general personality," another person shared.

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