Sabrina Carpenter has been accused of copying the cover of her new album Short n' Sweet from a French model.

On June 3, Carpenter took to social media to share the cover art for the album as well as reveal the title for the project. The cover art sees Carpenter set against a royal blue backdrop where she can be seen looking over her shoulder. On her shoulder is the imprint of lips made from lipstick.

After revealing the art, people on Twitter have gone on to compare it to French model Tiffany Collier shared a picture from a spread she did back in 2018 with a similar look.

People in the comments on Twitter were quick to react to the comparison between the two pictures.

"Inspiration, something all artists, designer and photographers do for concepts albums. Stop trying to 'end' someone just because they actually have a vision and an accurate style," one person said.

"Is called inspiration something tons of artists do," read another comment.

"That me, espresso," someone else added.

"Love a fun homage cover," another Twitter user said.

"It’s called inspo and every artist does it, hope this helps!!" someone else said to the defense of Carpenter.

"The problem isn’t that Sabrina took inspo from some french Cosmo shoot (that’s normal), the problem is it lacks all the emotion of the original," one person explained.

"It’s complicated but legally it’s just inspiration cause anyone can do this. But if she were to take the original and just put it as her cover then that’d be considered stolen," wrote one fan.

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Carpenter has not spoken on the similarities as of reporting. However, she is set to release the video for her new song "Please Please Please" tonight.

Her album Short n' Sweet comes out Aug. 23.

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