A dad on Reddit is asking if he is wrong for not wanting to drive his 17-year-old daughter and her boyfriend around. 

The man prefaces his story by saying that he is aware that he is not the perfect parent and that he tries to be supportive of his daughter in most of the things that she does. However, he is having difficulty supporting his daughter's relationship with this one boy in particular.

"I'm not the perfect parent and I don't know anyone that is. I try to be supportive of my daughter in most things. I never thought I would be ok with her even having boy friends at this age and she's had a few. But she wants to hang out with this young man all the time," he began.

"I often take her to public places to meet up with him so they can hang out. My daughter told me that the boy's mother hasn't been in the best health lately so he hasn't been able to meet up with her," the father continued.

Now, the dad says the problem is that his daughter wants him to take her and the boy around too despite the dad not feeling comfortable with it.

"So now my daughter wants me to escort the boy around too and take them places together. She's asked me to do it several times now and I just don't feel comfortable doing that. I have feel this way because as a man of course I would be responsible for this boy if he is under my watch AND I have no idea about his true feelings or intentions with my daughter," he shared.

"I feel that I've been as supportive as I can to facilitate her relationship but that would be taking it too far," the dad says before asking if she is wrong in this situation.

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People in the comments section of the post mostly agreed that the father was wrong in this situation.

"Do I think you’re the AH for not wanting to act like a chauffeur? No, because that is annoying. However, you are TA for not trusting your kid. She’s 17. She’s allowed to have relationships. Stop being a copter parent," one person said.

"She is 17. This is a junior or senior for crying out loud. Get over yourself pops. She is whitely of an appropriate age to date a kid, and your notion of a limit is frankly ridiculous and will only serve to alienate her from you. And this is a dad of two daughters - both older than yours - telling you this," someone else shared.

"She's old enough to drive herself and her boyfriend around without you. She's old enough to make decisions about herself that you shouldn't be involved in. Continuing this general behavior will result in alienating a young woman from her dad at a time when you need to be in her life the most," a Reddit user commented.

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