A man is suing Walt Disney World for a whopping $50,000 and it all started over a single bottle of beer.

In February, Gregory Abaray, who is both the plaintiff and lawyer, filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Inc. and "Chuck Doe" on claims of assault, battery, negligence, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

It All Started With a Mouse Beer

According to the legal filing, Gregory Abaray alleges he and his wife entered Jellyrolls bar at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn resort at 11:30PM in 2022 to meet a friend and their daughter. They each paid the $18 per person cover fee to enter the bar.

He claims his wife ordered three drinks while he ordered a Red Bull for himself and a "blowj-b" a drink typically consisting of Irish cream and coffee liqueur for his daughter.

Before going back to make the "blowj-b," the bartender allegedly brought out Abaray's Red Bull plus a Michelob Ultra beer, which Abaray claims he did not order.

Telling the bartender he had not ordered the beer, Abaray claims he pushed the bottle back toward the bartender, who told him they would need their manager's approval to remove it from their bill.

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However, when the manager, "Chuck Doe," arrived, he allegedly told Abaray that he would have to pay for the beer since he had touched it. Refusing to pay for the drink they allegedly didn't order, Abaray's wife put enough money down for the three drinks they did order before they were allegedly asked to leave the premises.

Hearing a commotion while getting up to leave, Abaray claims Doe had allegedly backed his "wife up against a pillar and was angrily yelling in her face."

The manager allegedly told the couple once again to leave and refused to refund their $36 entry fee. Doe also allegedly tried to block Abaray from retrieving his cell phone.

Abaray has demanded a trial by jury as part of his suit.

Disney Park Guests Who Sued Disney World 

This isn't the first time a Walt Disney World guest has sued Disney Parks.

In 2022, a guest sued Disney for $30,000 after another guest at the park allegedly ran into them with an ECV scooter. The suit alleged Disney was unable to maintain order for its guests and for letting electric scooters get too close to other guests in the parks.

Then, in 2023, a woman sued Disney for $50,000 after she allegedly received an "injurious wedgie" from a water slide at the Typhoon Lagoon water park. The suit claimed the woman experienced injuries so severe it resulted in a "rush" of blood when she stood up from the slide.

Additionally, in 2024, a man filed a lawsuit against the company for negligence after his wife died of an allergic reaction at Disney Springs' Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant.

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