I'm personally not a huge fan of zoos but some of them are okay as they do provide a generous amount of space and appropriate care to the animals, meanwhile, my opinion on aquariums is much different. I am one, terrified of the ocean so having these animals so close, whether in a controlled environment or not is scary. On another note, there is not enough space for the aquatic animals to be comfortable and there have been many stories about how the animals are treated.

As someone who loves animals, I understand our reasonings for having zoos and aquariums as they provide plenty of opportunities for young children and adults to see foreign animals up close and personal. Although that is the case I feel like they should either be larger or simply not exist to allow the animals to live their normal lives. Regardless of my personal feelings surrounding aquariums, the oldest aquarium in the entire country sits on the East side of Michigan.

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Detroit is rich in history, music, sports, and so much more as it is the largest city in Michigan. Between the sports teams, the music halls, the museums, and other attractions there is always something to do in Detroit. Alongside all of these gems are two of the most intriguing animal attractions in the state, the Detroit Zoo and the aquarium.

The Belle Isle Aquarium is one of the most architecturally beautiful buildings in the city and has been standing longer than any other aquarium in the country. They reopened their doors in 2022 after a 16-month-long, 1.2 million-dollar renovation. There is no admission fee but they do encourage a $5 donation. You can get a glimpse of the inside in the TikTok below.

@_b.epic There are a lot of things to do in Detroit. I am trying to learn more about the things I’ve been driving by my whole life. Last weekend I went to Belle Isle to visit the oldest aquarium in the country and discovered another museum next to it. @Belle Isle Conservancy #detroit #belleisle ♬ original sound - Bryan Johnson

They also showed another museum that happens to be right across the street from the Belle Isle Aquarium. The Dossin Great Lakes Museum had many different artifacts from ships and other interesting pieces of Great Lakes history. The Aquarium joins the police dispatch which is also the first in America, check it out below.

Michigan's (and America's) First Police Dispatch, Belle Isle

Vintage Belle Isle Photos, Early 1900s

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