When it comes to hanging up Christmas lights inside or outside the house, it really doesn't matter because we all know what the end result is going to be, magnificent!

That's why I personally enjoy hanging up Christmas lights every holiday season. The one part of it I don't care for is untangling bundles of Christmas lights.

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I used to get so frustrated trying to untangle Christmas lights years ago, but then I decided it wasn't worth it.

One year it took me close to three hours to untangle at least 5 boxes of Christmas lights that were sitting up in my attic.

Did I get them all untangled? NO! Half of them I just threw away and started all over again by going to the store and purchasing more Christmas lights.

I would say all in all I untangled 3 boxes of Christmas lights and the other two ended up in the dumpster because they were such a bundled mess.

And believe it or not, some say the best thing you can do while untangling Christmas lights is to listen to holiday music or play your favorite Christmas movie in the background. (doityourself.com)

Hasn't someone by now come up with a brilliant idea on how to store Christmas lights without getting them all tangled up from year to year?

Once you get past the craziness of untangling the lights, the whole thing is worth it. We all love looking at beautiful Christmas lights.

I can't tell you how many times my wife and I have driven from town to town, just to see what people have done with their amazing Christmas lights displays.

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