This is where we went over the Labor Day weekend.

A nice secluded area of an island that gets ignored by many here in our state. A shame, too, cuz it's gorgeous.

It's unlike Mackinac Island because you CAN take your car over, by ferry. We explored the unexplorable parts of the island, which is mainly uninhabited.....but the island has enough people living there so you won't get lonesome or stir crazy.

One general store/restaurant, a bar, a sheriff, a school with only 6 students, firehouse, township hall...but mostly peace, quiet, isolation and the waves crashing onshore.

Why izzit called "Spider Island" by some? Cuz there are many spiders and some that get - according to some islanders - as big as your palm. Snakes (many!), foxes, deer and more critters abound here as well...great time - no kiddin'! We're goin' back soon. Watch the video and find out the name of this close-by island.