Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

It would appear so.   A new study shows that 1 in 4 Americans are kind of over the traditional Thanksgiving meal of Turkey, stuffing, bean green casserole.

Nothing brings back memories of growing up and waking up to the smell of the turkey cooking in the oven.  Smells that take you right back to your childhood when all the cousins would come over and you ate like you were starved and got to play all day long.

Those days, well at least part of those days might be going away.

A new study found that 45% of those responding say that they already have spiced up a Thanksgiving meal like by cooking a non traditional meal.   I did that a few years back when I made lasagna, my poor Mom was not to happy with that choice.

But this year it is back to the traditional meal and even a new side dish, (which I have never had, let alone baked) glazed  yams.   I'll let you know how that turns out.

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