It may not look like it but with a high of 44 today it certainly is starting to feel like spring.  It's the time for the birds to sing, the Forsythia to bloom and time to get the spiders out of the house! has a story about how to get rid of nemesis, this spring. It starts with going into the darkest corners of your house to find the egg sacs and vacuuming like your life depends on it.  There are 6 steps total which you can see here, but unless you completely seal your home, they will be back,,.totally freaking me out.  I know they serve a purpose, they just need to serve that purpose outside!  If they do come back I know I have a cat, neighbors and a husband who will kill for me...spiders that is!

by the way I chose a picture of a bird because it's so much better than a spider in a dark corner!

Kristi Love
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