Based on what you see on Michigan roads, you may be surprised (he wrote, sarcastically) that there is a ban on the handheld use of electronic equipment while driving. Despite the countless number of people I still see holding their phones in one hand and expressively speaking with the other like an upset Italian Grandmother.

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These are also the folks driving 42 miles an hour in the left lane of I-96, last-minute merging in construction lanes, and suddenly turning without a signal. These rude Michigan drivers are the reasoning behind the expansion of distracted driving laws to include holding a cell phone and/or electronic equipment on June 30, 2023.

What Michigan's Distracted Driving Law Says About FaceTime / Zoom Driving


While this law seems simple enough, Michigan residents still have questions about what is considered to be a 'hands-free' operation of a phone. Under House Bill 4250, the use of Bluetooth voice commands is legal, so long as your phone is not supported by any part of your body.

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So does that mean you can Facetime, Zoom, or utilize any form of video conferencing while behind the wheel in Michigan? No. Here's the nitty gritty from

Even if a cell phone or other device is mounted on your dashboard or connected to your vehicle’s built-in system, you cannot use your hands to operate it beyond a single touch. As a result, you cannot manually do any of the following on a cell phone or other electronic device while driving:

  • Make or answer a telephone or video call.
  • Send or read a text or email message.
  • Watch, record, or send a video. A
  • ccess, read, or post to social media.
  • Browse or use the Internet.
  • Enter information into GPS or a navigation system.

While you could answer a video call via Bluetooth or a single touch, you would still be 'watching, recording, and sending a video'. This also means you can't record Reels, TikToks, or any other form of video recording while driving a vehicle.


Think that's harsh? Keep reading to see if eating and driving is still legal in Michigan.

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