Is it just me or have you noticed more people experiencing road rage these days?

There are times when I'm driving down the road or taking a trip up north or even going to Home Depot when I just see too many bad drivers doing stupid things. (

And some of these stupid things can turn into road rage. There are all sorts of people who are driving on the road with you, and a lot of them are at times very irritating.

Let's talk about road rage. Here are several things that make us totally angry while driving:

1. Drivers Who Don't Signal. We all know that it's the law that people are supposed to signal when they're making a turn. How many times have you been behind a driver who doesn't use their turn signal? Common courtesy can go a long way.

2. Cars that slow down for no reason. This one drives me absolutely nuts. When the speed limit reads 45 mph and the driver in front of you is going 25 mph, there's no excuse for this. This happens on the highway as well.

3. Tailgaters. I love tailgaters even though most people don't care for them at all. If someone starts tailgating my vehicle, then I'm thinking they're in a hurry. So I just push down on the brakes which slows me down and the tailgater down and then usually they get the message and back off.

4. Drivers who text. Years ago, you didn't have to worry about drivers texting when they were driving down the road and with good reason. Bottom line: texting is not a smart thing to do while you are driving. You cannot focus on the road!

5. Two slow cars side by side on the highway. Who are these two people? They drive next to each other on the highway for miles, but they never actually pass each other. This can definitely drive you out of your mind.

There are times when I don't even enjoy driving anymore because I see so many stupid drivers doing very dumb things on our Michigan roads. And you wonder why so many people are experiencing road rage these days. (

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