Let's begin with the movie Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis. Is this an actual Christmas movie or do people just want to think of it as a Christmas movie?

I think this is based on your own opinion. It does take place during a Christmas party and their are lots of guests, but then things take a turn for the worst.

Die Hard came out in 1988 and it was a box office attraction. Everyone wanted to see the action-Christmas movie.

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After all, there is a soundtrack from the movie that features Christmas music. And does it count if you see snow at the end of Die Hard?

According to gazette.com, most people truly believe that Die hard is a Christmas movie. Not in a million years do I personally think Die Hard is a Christmas movie and I will never see it that way. (It happens during Christmas time)

Let's move on to the movie "Home Alone." Would you consider this a Christmas movie?

Here's what fandom.com has to say about "Home Alone."

From Christmas carols to Christmas lessons, Home Alone is a beautiful Christmas movie that should be on everyone’s viewing list during the holiday season.

You have to admit that there are a lot of Christmas scenes in this wonderful movie. And what makes it even better is Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. These two characters along with Macaulay Culkin help make this movie absolutely histerical!

Home Alone came out back in 1990 and also was a box office hit.

You be the judge, is Hone Alone and Die Hard considered Christmas Movies?

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