For real! Walking thru this old, old cemetery is like being transported into some kind of dark but beautiful fantasy. This is one of the utmost coolest ones in Michigan.

It has many dark places with old tombstones scattered throughout the woods: covered by bushes, trees growing out of them...and some hidden so far back in the woods, you have to traipse through the trees to find them.

A walk-thru is so intriguing, that even the most jittery person doesn't have time to be scared. There are old burial plots on the left, the right, up ahead, behind, over the hill, buried in the grass, and hidden behind trees. The graves seem to have been placed willy-nilly with no thought of rows or reason.

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The best time to walk thru this place would be in the fall. Holy cow – the fall colors add an extra special touch to the place. Night time with a flashlight would be super-scary...but during daytime you're just too interested in the surroundings.

As with many old places like this, it also comes with it's own legend. According to a previous article I wrote about Irish Hollow, “The cemetery was being dedicated in the early 1900s, and Rockland townspeople turned out for this big event.....A little girl, who showed no interest in going to see some ‘silly graveyard party,’ said she’d rather stay home and set off her soon as the parents left, the girl hauled out her firecrackers and set some off - in the house. A curtain caught on fire...flames spread quickly...the girl ran to the graveyard, yelling for someone to come help.....the fire spread, and ended up burning most of the town with it.”

The gallery below has a good many photos of Irish Hollow Cemetery, one of our state's simplest, but most interesting graveyards. See for yourself.

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