Bowling is a fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Most Michiganders either like or really love the sport of bowling.

I've been bowling since I was about ten years old. Even to this day, my wife and I bowl on a Tuesday night league at Spare Time Entertainment Center on E. Grand River Avenue in Lansing.

I also bowl at Royal Scot Golf and Bowl on W. Grand River Avenue in Lansing. I bowl with the senior league on Thursday afternoon throughout the long bowling season.

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Let's check out a few interesting things and facts about bowling. For example: Where is the oldest bowling alley in the country? This from

The Garden Bowl, part of the Majestic Entertainment Center located in downtown Detroit is the oldest, continuously operating bowling alley not only in Michigan, but also in the United State. Opened in 1913, The Garden Bowl was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.

I've never been to the Garden Bowl, even though I've bowled at many Michigan bowling alleys. The Garden Bowl is now on my list.

Next question: Where can we find the biggest bowling alley? Courtesy of

With 90 total lanes, Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park is the largest bowling alley in the country. They are also home to the Greater Detroit Bowling Hall of Fame. It was the first bowling center to host the multi-event PBA tournament concept called the "Fall Swing", when the PBA World Series of Bowling came here in 2009.

Just think, bowling season begins the Tuesday after Labor day and lasts for roughly 30 plus weeks. It's time for Michigan bowlers to start practicing and buy new equipment if needed.

By the way, it's not just the adults who love bowling, did you know there are over 5,000 kids in Michigan who participate in high school bowling? tells us:

With over 5,000 kids participating in high school bowling, Michigan has the largest program in the country. There are  371 boy's school teams and 364 girl's school teams, despite only falling under the Michigan High School Athletic Association since 2003.

Best places to bowl in the Greater Lansing area:

1. Spare Time Entertainment Center.

2. Royal Scot Golf and Bowl

3. City Limits (two locations)

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