Most wrestling fans in the Mid-Michigan area – and I’m referring to fans, mavens, aficionados, NOT the casual viewer – know the World-famous pro wrestler Eddie Farhat a/k/a/ “The Sheik” was born in Lansing and lived in Williamston, where he died and was buried.

Most Mid-Michigan residents know Farhat's former home was turned into the Wheatfield Inn, a reception hall and Bed & Breakfast...but before we take a look inside, here's a brief bio on the man himself...

Ed Farhat really relished his fame as one of wrestling’s ‘bad guys’, keeping that persona during interviews and appearances. But in his private life, he was a quiet family man with a wife and two kids. In the ring, he growled, snarled, gritted his teeth, bit, bled, and did his best to (seemingly) demolish his opponents. Out of the public eye, he was good friends with many of the wrestlers who the public thought were his mortal enemies…like one of Michigan’s ‘good guy’ wrestlers, “Leapin’” Larry Chene (for the non-fan, pronounced "shayne"). Eddie and Larry were brutal combatants on the mat, but personally, the Farhat and Chene families were very good friends, even traveling together.

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To make the matches seem more barbaric, Farhat had a special way of cutting his forehead to make it bleed, therefore adding to the carnage, shock value, and entertainment.

So what was with this “sheik” persona, anyway?

According to a City Pulse article, he began wrestling under his real name until the idea hit him to be a “Middle East oil baron”. When he entered the ring, it was a show in itself. He wore pointed-toe shoes, long robe, and a turban, which usually came off during the match. He would lie on a prayer rug and pray to Allah for triumph. Indeed, a show in itself.

1926:   Born in Lansing
1947:   Wrestling career begins in Lansing
1960s: Bought the Big Time Wrestling Company
2003:   Died in Williamston

In 1967, the Detroit riots had a far-reaching impact, keeping many people away from the wrestling matches held at Cobo Hall and Olympia Stadium. Wrestling’s local popularity waned from then on. Farhat filed bankruptcy and later sold his grand mansion in Williamston.

His former home was turned into a Bed & Breakfast, the Wheatfield Inn, and was most recently sold in the summer of 2023.

One last thing:
The Sheik and wrestling were so popular in Mid-Michigan, he once even had top billing over Elvis.

Inside the Former Home of "The Sheik" - Williamston


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