Attention "Friends" fans. The beloved TV show left Netflix in January, but it's coming back and this time to a  new streaming service.

HBO MAX will be streaming favorites like Friends and even Veep, along with other popular favorites. The new streaming service will cost $15.00 a month and will give you a ton of fun shows to watch.

Warner Brothers is behind the HBO MAX streaming service and will be opening up their vault filled with a huge catalog of shows and movies.

At a press conference, HBO MAX said they will offer 10 thousand hours of shows that include Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and many other favorites.

Netflix lost their rights to run Friends back in January, and now HBO MAX will begin running the show on May 27th. Hopefully by then our lives will start getting back to normal. If not, you have time to get things in order before you plant yourself on the couch once again.

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