Along with millions of others, I am, and admit freely a HUGE fan of the Royals.  I remember setting my alarm as a child and watching Princess Diana marry Prince Charles..Literally got goose bumps when she arrived in the carriage and we all got to, finally see her dress.    I was also there (watching t.v.) when we got our first peak at her new born sons.

Watching the funeral for Princess Diana was heart wrenching.  Years later, watching her oldest son Prince William marry Kate Middleton was amazing.  Goose bumps once again waiting for her to arrive to see the beautiful dress, and then after the ceremony the kiss on the balcony.

I am now counting the days until the next Royal Wedding.   Prince Harry will marry American Megan Markel.  What is so amazing about this wedding is that Megan is American, divorced, an actress, and bi-racial.   Not only is she breath taking beautiful, but she is a champion for women and girls all over the world, and she has been described by all who have met her as so very kind, funny, caring and very much in love with Prince Harry.

This is how big of a geek I am....I have circled their wedding date on my calendar so I could keep the day open because I will be setting my alarm and will be up and ready to watch the spectacular pageantry of another Royal Wedding.   Anxious to see what American influences will be, if any, in the wedding.

Harry and Megan will be married on Saturday May 19th, and the coverage of the wedding on the E Network will begin at 5am our time.  The network has promised that their will be wall-to-wall coverage, and I for one am so excited.

Prince Harry Visits Lesotho
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