I've been canoeing down the Huron River ever since I was 10 years old, thanks to my dad. Since then, I have traveled the river many times and I never get tired of it. We went again over Memorial Day weekend...and it feels good to get close to nature, even if it isn't that far away or isolated.

According to Wikipedia, the Huron River is 130 miles long, originating from the Huron Swamp in Indian Springs Metropark, White Lake Township, Oakland County.
It spits out in Lake Erie (SEE PHOTOS).

It was named after the Huron Native American tribe and was part of their trade route.

The river passes through many towns and lakes and is perfect for canoeing or kayaking. It was declared navigable in the 1800's by Congress in order for flatboats to trade & travel from Ypsilanti on out to Lake Erie. Once the railroads all came in, the flatboats all went kaput.

By the 1880's, the Huron River had 17 dams for generating power to all the mills up and down the riverbanks.....there were flour mills, saw mills and woolen mills that made a booming business along the Huron. Remnants of old mills, homes & businesses are all up & down the river...very cool to come across while floating downstream!

There are many rivers in Michigan that are perfect for canoeing & kayaking, so take your pick. The main thing is to GET OUT THERE and take advantage of what Michigan has to offer...there is SO much!

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