Olympics Day 2 - Shooting
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Sonny 'Tex'  Gilligan still thinks Charlie is a good dog, even after the dog took a shot at him.

Tex was going out to shoot jackrabbits last week, along with him were his 3 dogs , Scooter, Cowboy and Charlie.  His shotgun was in the back seat of the truck along with Charlie.

Here is how the whole thing played out.  According to Tex, Charlie was in the backseat along with the gun, when Charlie's foot got stuck on the guns trigger.  Tex said he leaned in to help the dog, when Charlie slipped off the seat causing the gun to fire hitting Tex .  The bullet went through Tex's back breaking a few ribs and shattering his collar bone and causing other severe injuries.

Gilligan said he was lucky to be able to grab his cell phone and call 911, he says the first responders saved his life.  Tex was airlifted to a hospital in El Paso, and the three dogs, including the shooter Charlie, were sent to 'jail' actually animal control until Tex's son could come and take them home.

After several surgeries Tex is doing fine, and when asked about Charlie he says "poor Charlie, he is a good dog'.


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