It’s time for The Humungus Fungus Festival!!! This Michigan festival celebrates the mushroom, plain and simple.

Crystal Falls celebrates their Armillaria gallica fungus colony that covers 37 acres, weighs 21,000 pounds and is 1,500 years old, discovered in 1988. Every August, people from all over Michigan travel to Crystal Falls to commemorate this huge fungus with a parade, fireworks, pie-eating contests, car cruise, craft show, ice cream socials, golf, volleyball, pancake breakfast, softball, river tube floating, cribbage, horse pull, horseshoe tournament and more stuff for the family. PLUS, they claim to have the BEST smoked bratwurst in the entire state of Michigan and the pasties are plentiful.


They will feature the world’s largest mushroom pizza – the Humungus Pizza – measuring in at 10 feet by 10 feet! …CLICK HERE to find out more!


Every August they get it going in Crystal Falls to celebrate the fungus and other mushrooms. Why not? For four days it is nothing but fun and games. You can tube down the Paint River, enter a cribbage tournament, enjoy the Fungus Fest Parade or compete in the Horse Pull.

The Humungus Fungus Festival will take place August 4, 5 & 6…have fun and take pictures!

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