Finding the perfect Christmas tree can sometimes be a chore, especially when it's really cold outside.

And then once you find a tree, it's very important that you secure it on top of your vehicle so it doesn't fall off on your way home and damage your car, or another person's vehicle.

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According to

AAA says it's best to transport the tree on top of a vehicle equipped with a roof rack, but a pickup truck, SUV, van or minivan can work as well.

Here are several tips to follow recommended by AAA and courtesy of

1. Come prepared. This takes me back to my boy scout days. Always bring plenty of rope along with nylon ratchet straps and it wouldn't hurt to wear gloves and to bring a tarp or blanket.

2. Wrap and cover it. Loose branches can definitely scratch your vehicle, so it's important to have the tree lot wrap your tree with netting or plastic wrap. Use rope or twine to secure the tree on top of your vehicle.

3. Protect your vehicle. If it's an old beat up car, who cares! But if you have a newer vehicle, you might want to cover the top of it with an old blanket or even a paint tarp. Anything you can find to protect your car from any damage.

4. Nice and easy. Once you tie the tree down securely on top of your vehicle, pull on it to make sure it's not going anywhere. Then when you're ready to drive home, use back roads and take it slow. As long as you do the homework and use caution, you should be fine.

I can honestly say that I've tied down many Christmas trees on top of several vehicles and none of them have fallen off to cause damage to my car or anyone other vehicle for that matter.

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