Novi – you think it's a weird name for a town? Well, the different stories as to how the name came about may be even weirder.

When a post office was first established here in 1827, it was called 'West Farmington'. In 1830, the name was changed to 'Novi'...but why? What's the story? Depends on which one you want to believe.

1) It was also known as Stagecoach Stop #6, or in Roman numerals, “No. VI”. Melded together, it became 'Novi'.

2) It was the sixth township in Oakland County's southwest corner: again, known as “No. VI”.

3) Named after toll gate No. VI on Grand River Avenue (then called Detroit-Howell Road).

4) The wife of Dr. John C. Emery, brought up the name "Novi" for no reason other than it was short.

5) A contraction of 'Northville' – (NorthVIlle)

6) It was the sixth stop on the trail from Detroit to Lansing.

7) The date of the meeting that was held to name the town: Nov. 1.

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There was even another dumb theory that claimed it was instigated by a blacksmith whose wife's name was Vivian, or “Vi” for short. Every time there was a meeting, the blacksmith would veto her suggestions to a point where he would tell the others “No Vi” as “no suggestions from Vi will be accepted”. That's TOO far-fetched to swallow.

So pick one and run with it. I personally like the stagecoach stop one. Meantime, the gallery below has a few old photos of Novi and a few other images as well.

Images of Novi


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