The summers in Michigan are what many of our best memories are made of.   I always feel that the reason I live through Michigan winters is because the summers are beyond awsome.  It would seem many feel the way I do, not a huge fan of freezing cold tempatures, slush and ice.

The folks at MLive got together and did a ranking of the states with the worst winters, and if you want to know if Michigan made the list.....just read on.

#Massachusetts....New England winters are COLD and lots of snow.

#9  Montana, where the average snowfall for most of the state is 71 inches a season.

#8 Idaho

#7 Wisconsin  Freezing cold winters, and so much snow.

#6South Dakota  From what I have heard their summers are boiling hot, so it would only stand to reason their winters are freezing cold.

#5  Maine  New England winter.....enough said.

#4  North Dakota  Brutally cold winters.  Ever see the movie Fargo?

#3 Alaska  Along with the cold and snow, our brothers and sisters north of us also have to deal with 67 straight days with no sunlight.

#2 Michigan  ...and there it is.  Thank goodness for snowmobiles and skiing, other wise I would not make it through a winter here.  Fall goes by so fast and then BOOM its winter.

#1 on the list of worst states for winter....Minnesota.   Minnesota sees almost constant snow in the winter and their winter lasts about 5 months whch is almost half a year!

Winters can be fun, just bundle up and head out on snow shoes, go skiing , or sledding , but a tip from me...I find it even more fun if I have some adult beverages before doing anything outside in winter.


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